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No-nonsense, Specialized Firearms & Tactical Training


The Ronin Training

At The Ronin Training, we believe in providing our Clients with firearms and tactical training developed over decades of real-world experience. The down and dirty techniques developed by some of America’s best Special Operators and utilized in ACTUAL hostile situations around the world.


We are fortunate to have worked with and served along side some of America’s toughest and talented Operators from every Branch of Military and Law Enforcement Special Operations. We’ve taken only the most proven techniques from these highly specialized Personnel and combined them to offer courses of instruction loaded with the same skills these Special Operators have relied on in the most dangerous environments around the world.


Robert "Ronin" Hague

A former United States Marine, Robert served in variety of traditional Infantry and Special Operations roles supporting the Marine Corp's ground combat mission.


Transitioning from the Military into the Civilian workspace, Robert spent several years working in high-threat protection assignments in Non-Permissive Environments (hostile) around the world with the U.S. Department of State, Department of Defense, and Other Government Agencies supporting the Global War On Terror.

Robert brings over two decades of real-world tactical experience from an extensive career surrounded by the Country's most elite Special Operations personnel to the Civilian marketplace in order to provide American Citizens with the skills, knowledge, and knowhow to defend themselves, their Families, and Friends

Our training programs provide our Clients with focused instruction in a myriad of firearm and defensive tactics. Our objective is to prepare you to deal with dangerous threats.


Our training courses are specifically tailored for the individual Client to maximize results that are applicable in the real world. We welcome First-Timers looking to learn the basics of firearm safety and defensive tactics, Novice Shooters seeking to continue their training, and the Experienced Professional taking their skillset to the next level.

Courses are diverse and are offered at varying skill levels for:






Specialized advanced tactical courses also available.


Robert Hague of Ronin Training and his wife Jenna attended The Florida Atlantic Conservative Team, Second Amendment Gun Range Event.

Because of Robert’s extensive operations and firearms background, he had noticed instantly that I was discouraged at this event with my new Glock and Robert stepped up to the plate asked me a few questions and began to assist me.

I highly recommend firearms training with Robert Hague, he’s fantastic!! First and foremost, he went over all safety measures of firearms and loaded the new magazine for me and gave me back the confidence and acknowledgment that I was striving for to reconnect with older skills I had forgotten.

Laurie Zotter

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